OpenID, Database and New Mods

OpenIDI found a handy script from PHPClasses to ease my OpenID module development. The goal of this mod is too allow both regular logins and OpenID logins. Currently the BETA version of this mod only works for existing accounts. The user will go into their profile and set their OpenID url. They will then be able to login using OpenID. Note: this plugin requires the latest SVN available (at least Rev 957). When finished the mod will allow people to quickly register on a Pligg site using their OpenID account.Database ActivityAside from keeping a record of every vote submitted, we also keep a ‘count’ of those votes in a column the links table itself. This is so every time a story is viewed, we don’t have to count(*) from the votes table, we just look at the row we just read from the links table. A week ago we added comment count and just yesterday added ‘reports’. On an average Pligg site the index / home page will show 8 main stories, 5 upcoming and 5 top today. 18 stories * 2 queries (comments and reporting) = 36 unnecessary queries that have now been removed. Many changes have been made to the code to reduce the overall number of MySQL queries and more work is still being done.New Mod’sToday our good friend ChuckRoast released a new ‘mod’ today for translating the ‘story’ page from English into 6 other languages. He’s been a member of the forums for close to a year now and has a history of creating nice little mods that get added into the Pligg code.
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