Pligg CMS makes starting a social website easy


We love social news sites like Reddit and Digg, which is why we built Pligg CMS. Pligg is designed to let users submit and vote on articles and comments, pushing the best content to the top of the page. It supports a number of features like profile pages, bookmarks, groups, comments, and more.

Open Source

Pligg has been developed as an open source platform for nearly a decade. We’re a mature project with a global audience, which is why we currently support 9 different languages. Pligg CMS is so popular that many web hosts offer it as a one-click install for their customers.



Some examples of how you can use Pligg CMS are: as a customer help desk similar to UserVoice, Quora, or StackOverflow, like a social network resembling Twitter, or as a social news publishing site like



While many modules and templates are available for free from the Pligg Downloads section, others can be bought or sold through’s digital marketplace. If you’re a developer, see the Vendor Information page to learn more about how you can sell modules, templates, and other digital goods.


Submit questions, ideas, and opinions about Pligg CMS to the Pligg Support area. Please use GitHub to report bugs.

Pligg Downloads

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